How to Share Your Faith

One thing to remember when sharing the gospel with others is that people like to be listened to.  They don't like to feel they are a project or that you don't truly care about them.  Therefore, it's vital to remember...relationships are important!

One easy way to share your testimony is to think of three different phases:

Before:  What was your life like before you had encountered Jesus?

During:  Describe your encounter with did it come about?

After:  How has your life changed since you encountered Jesus?

You should be able to share this at the drop of a hat.  Be ready.  Practice it, even.  Keep it short, sweet, and simple.

There are also certain questions that get people to think about God and the afterlife.  Questions like, "What do you think happens to you when you die?", "Why do you think everyone longs for a better world?", or "How do you know if you're good enough to get into heaven?" can lead to great discussions about the gospel. 

An easy outline to help you communicate the gospel is:  Creation (God created everything good), Fall (People disobeyed God--rebelled against Him and now all creation, including us, feels the effect of that sin), Redemption (Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sin, reestablishing the ability to have a right relationship with God), and Restoration (Christ will return and make everything good again). This speaks to the obvious fact that this world is messed up and people are messed up, and also the fact that people long for something better.

Of course, the better you know the Bible, the more clearly you can discuss what the Bible teaches.  But don't freak out if you can't point people to the right places in the Bible...just tell them you'll find out where it is and get back to them.

Below, you'll find several links to some great resources about sharing your testimony and pointing people toward the gospel.

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