// Connect with God, the Church, and Your Purpose//

Strong roots stabilize growth. If that's true of trees, it is certainly crucial for Christians. Roots strengthen and support us against the prevailing winds of persuasion. When the mind-bending gales attack without warning, it's the network of solid roots that holds us firm and keeps us straight. Beautiful branches and lacy leaves, no matter how attractive, fail to fortify us as the velocity increases. It takes roots, stubborn, deep, powerful roots, to keep us standing.” -Chuck Swindoll


Join us as we dig deep to establish a rooted faith that connects us with God, His Church and our purpose.


9.01.19  WHAT IS ROOTED? // Karl Schad, Senior Pastor 

9.08.19  WHO IS GOD? // Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

9.15.19  GOD SPEAKS TO US // Concert of Prayer / Karl Schad & John Bollinger

9.22.19  GOD IN OUR SUFFERING Pt. 1 // Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

9.29.19  GOD IN OUR SUFFERING Pt. 2 // Justin Thomas, OCC Guest Speaker