SERMON series //US vs. THEM / 

Marvel vs. DC. Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Pineapple vs. No Pineapple. Right vs. Left.  Male vs. Female.  Black vs. White.  LGBTQ vs. Straight. Christian vs. Atheist. From the trivial to the truly important — we are a world at odds with each other.  We know God has called us to be salt and light but many inside the church don’t know what to say to those outside it. Over the next four weeks, we will explore how to engage our differences with conviction and compassion.  

JULY 7 // There Is No Them / Karl Schad, Senior Pastor      

JULY 14 // Peace Makers / Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

JULY 21 // Rooting For Rivals / Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

JULY 28 // Messy Grace / Karl Schad, Senior Pastor