What to Expect

At Gateway Christian Church you will find a lot of people who are like you.  We're just a bunch of regular people who are seeking to follow God the best way we can.  When you come to one of our services (at 9 or 10:30 AM) you can expect:

To Be Welcomed

Expect to be noticed but not overwhelmed.  Expect for people to reach out to you in love. We'll be glad that you joined us, and we think you'll feel welcome.

A Casual Atmosphere

Gateway is pretty casual.  You're welcome to dress up all formal if you want but you don't have to.


The Bible is God’s truth. We provide Bible-centered, gospel-centered messages every week.  At Gateway we seek to explore, understand and apply God’s truth to our lives at every level in a spirit of love.

Hot Coffee

We've got a great coffee selection...and it's free!  If coffee's not your thing, we also have tea and hot chocolate.  But wait, there's more!  We also have a variety of pastries if you missed breakfast (or want to partake in 2nd breakfast).


We love music, all kinds of music.  From hymns to more contemporary, modern music, we  strive to honor God with the songs we sing.  You'll see some guitars, drums and very talented musicians on stage.