Feed My Starving Children

Wednesday, Sept. 18 – Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019

Registration opens August 1 for Gateway’s fourth annual Feed My Starving Children MobilePack September 18-22, 2019! Click here to register! (Note that registration to the general public opens August 12).

Feeding more kids than ever before!
Our goal was to pack 450,000 meals to feed 1,250 kids, which would cost $99,000. In mid-July, FMSC received a check for our MobilePack from an anonymous donor outside of Gateway for $99,000! In combination with Gateway’s donation of $35,000 and other external donations, our total donations exceed $180,000 and we now plan to pack more than 800,000 meals to feed more than 2,200 kids! Praise God for providing for His children in need and giving us the opportunity to be part of His plan!

We need everyone’s help to pack meals!

With our new goal of feeding more than 2,200 kids – and the need to fill at least 2,900 volunteer positions – you can help by:

  • Inviting friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, teammates, etc. to Gateway for the MobilePack. Imagine: you can volunteer for just a little over two hours and literally help save a life from hunger – and you don’t need to travel far to do it!

  • Sharing a flyer with your sphere of influence. For example, invite your neighbors, hairdresser, dentist, sports team, etc. 

Let’s get registered!

  1. Go to https://give.fmsc.org/Gateway

  2. Click “Volunteer.” Find the Gateway MobilePack 1909-075SC. (If a different MobilePack pre-populates, enter the zip code 63131 and Gateway’s will appear.) Click “View Private Event” and enter code “Gateway19”.

  3. Click on desired shift date/time.

  4. Log in (or create) your FMSC account. (To create an account, you will provide your email address, physical address and phone number, and select a password. Remember your password so that you can edit your team details as needed.) 

  5. Under the shift you selected, enter “new group” and group type/name, and number of spots. It is easiest if one point person registers for a whole group, but if a group registers separately, please use the same team name.

  6. Then continue to “Manage Your Reservation” to edit the team name or leader, increase or decrease the size of your group, add group member names and email addresses and send a link to invite others to join your group. This contact info allows reminders to be sent directly to your group.

  7. If you want to sign up for more than one shift, just repeat the process.

What if I want to label or be a runner?

If you want to label or be a runner, please email gccfmsc@gmail.com with the shift(s) you want to work. 

What’s the schedule?

Our event spans from Wednesday, Sept. 18, through Sunday, Sept. 22. An outline of shifts is below.

another one.PNG

**We will provide child care (up to age 4) on Sunday, Sept. 22, for Shifts 12 and 13 (beginning 9:00 and 11:45am). If you want to take advantage of this service, please email gccfmsc@gmail.com by Sept. 12 to register, so we have enough help.

In addition, consider:

  • Connecting our FMSC team to your employer. Does your employer support charitable causes or give paid time off for volunteering? We’d love to provide information and/or talk to them about working a packing station or shift.

  • Using eScrip to keep growing our MobilePack efforts – “FMSC Gateway- MobilePack”, eScrip Group ID# 500826581. You can donate automatically to our MobilePack when shopping at Schnucks or dining at local restaurants. https://www.escrip.com/


If you’re not sure where to start, reach out to Jenni Biggs at gccfmsc@gmail.com

By getting involved, you can be a part of Gateway’s growing history with FMSC:  


Still need convincing? This is why we’re involved:

  • 6,200 children die from hunger-related causes every day (approximately 2 million per year), but we can make a difference!

  • FMSC’s mission is “Feeding God’s children – hungry in body and spirit” – in FY2018-19, FMSC produced 365 million meals with the help of 1.3 million volunteers, and 99.8 percent
    reached their intended destination.

  • FMSC has received Charity Navigator’s highest 4-star rating for 14 consecutive years – 91 percent of all FMSC funds go directly toward feeding children in need, and 100 percent of donations to the Gateway MobilePack go toward purchasing meal ingredients.

  • Each FMSC meal costs less than $0.25, and $80 will pay for 365 meals to feed a starving child for a year.

  • This is a service opportunity where families can work together. There are standing and seated jobs, and anyone age 5+ can help.

  • MobilePacks are a lot of fun! Enjoy these highlights from our prior events: 201620172018

Let’s Feed More – Near and Far

In addition to packing meals for Feed My Starving Children, we’re collecting food for Operation Food Search to help with local hunger needs.

When you arrive to volunteer during our MobilePack, we’ll have OFS donation areas set up. 

We recommend you bring some of their most wanted items:

  • Light tuna/salmon (cans & pouches) and canned chicken

  • Soup, chili, stews with meat/beans (meal in a can)

  • Canned fruit in natural juices (especially pop-top cans)

  • Diced tomatoes, tomato paste, canned spaghetti sauce

  • Canned beans

  • Pancake mix: “Complete” and Bisquick

  • Breakfast cereal (Cheerios/Honey Nut Cheerios preferred, including store brands)

  • Ziplock bags: freezer gallon & quart sizes

  • Can openers: swing-a-way brand preferred

  • Deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste

Please – no glass containers and no Ramen noodles.

Thanks for helping us meet food needs locally and abroad!

If you have any questions, email gccfmsc@gmail.com. Can’t wait to serve with you!